X-Legend Entertainment going to release in 2016 Summer the Japanese version SEVENTH DARK MMORPG game for the PC players. You can already sign-up to be a Beta tester for the Japanese version game.

X-Legend Entertainment today published a new play video where you can see a temple stage and you can listen the final version of the BGM of this dungeon. Buy the way, the game going to has 50 different kind of dungeon and X-Legend today released pictures from 3 selected ones.

The remain forest, where you can enter only if you reached the level 20. This is a deadly forest which looks so peaceful during the day but when the sun goes down and the dark hits the stage the deadly nature wakes up. You have to pay attention of the deadly flowers and the giant spiders too.

The next one is the Eclipse Temple (you can see this stage in the video). This is a ruined stage where you can enter only if you are level 30. This was a luxury and beautiful town but when the god of moon disappeared the temple and the stage ruined and all the local citizens disappeared. You have to face different monsters in here includes skeletons and minotaurus.

Deer Island is even for the higher level players. You have to be level 39 for this stage and this stage does not appears on the normal maps! Various pirates lives in here and you have to challenge them but the monster spiders and flowers like in the remain forest also lives in here.

X-Legend also updated the character page and published one of the Sin character the Laziness of work, Shinita. She is a beautiful and young women but the spirit of the laziness took her and her body. Now she is lazy but she can manipulate the ice and snow. More information coming soon! Stay tuned!