In 2016 Summer going to starts the operation of the Japanese version SEVENTH DARK MMORPG. X-Legend Entertainment Japan published three new dungeon stages and a new BGM promotion video with another one.

Sint Merubaren
An ancient and elegant city which has a sky high tree in the center. You can ride around the stage using a Griffon only and you can enter to every other parts of the country from here.

San Forest
This is a city where the player once lived. This is a rich stage with nature and and animals and looks like an autumn forest. Several herbals are very healthy and you can recover HP in here.

Meikotto Cape
Another stage which looks like an autumn forest / town. Ancient neko (cat) civilization created it and everything looks like a cat head / ear. You can use several interesting machines in here which created and developed by the Nekos.

At the above of the content you can watch the new BGM video and in the gallery you can see the pictures of the stages. If you will be a closed beta tester, don’t forget that you can download the game client from August 15, 2016.