X-LEGEND Entertainment Japan published some new stage and closed beta test information of the upcoming SEVENTH DARK PC mmorpg game from Japan.
As you know the official closed beta test going to starts on August 17, 2016 and the testers will be notified until August 17, 2016 which is the deadline by the way to sign-up to be a tester of the new MMO.

But before that, If you feel that you will be a tester (or you already got your message) than you can download the game’s client and the biggest data package of it from August 15, 2016 from the official website. The lest key files will be available when the test starts.

X-LEGEND next to it published some information of 3 new stages and published a new BGM music play video what you can watch above.
The new stages are the following ones:

Sun Forest
This stage looks so peaceful but you have to be minimum level 45 to enter into here. It has a hard queen fairy boss at the end of the stage which shoots fire balls to you.

Hall of Fame
A fire stage for minimum level 48 players and there is an altar at the end where a huge hybrid animal x human boss waiting for you. It can burns the full stage if it wants so pay attention about the attack

Amethyst Sanctuary
A forbidden stage for minimum level 50 players so only for the experts. A Natural crystal hidden in here with a huge power but you can’t get it just a simple pickup. You have to face with one of the hardest boss in the game with Edvin the death of priming which drops crystal thunder to the enemy so to you.