X-Legend Entertainment Japan today started the official Beta test of the SEVENTH DARK PC MMORPG game in Japan. This title already available in Taiwan and it is a very popular game in the country. You can download the game client from the official (Japan) website of the game and you can test it until August 17, 2016 until 11:00.

In the test version of the game you can level up your character until Level 50. You can choose characters from Fighter, Wizard, Knight and Scout classes. You can move your files (character data, items, etc) to the official Open Beta Test which will be held in August / September.

It should be noted that all the testers going to receive 10 000 G in-game money as gift. And for example in the item shop you can buy uniforms only for 100 G. In the Beta version you can meet with one boss what you can’t defeat alone, you need friends. Invite your friends and enjoy the test because you can register to be a tester until August 17 also!