Marvelous released today the new information of the 1.04 version update for the Senran Kagura PEACH BEACH SPLASH. You can buy the new DLC contents from today from the Japan PSN too, but let’s see the details closer.

According to Marvelous the next 1.04 update going to release in the middle of April but the exactly day is unknown at the moment. It will be free and going to makes some changes in the game and going to adds several new functions.

We will get a new rule the “Happening Tournament” which will be based on the winning number of the leader team. The enemy team will suffer more.

The update going to adds a new Sakura themed map the Sakura Field. A Japanese style, ancient building full with cherry blossom. You can play on this stage in multiplayer and in single player mode too.

According to Marvelous the update going to adds more than 2 episodes for the game the “Surprise Summer Festival” and the “Save the Sushi Queen!”. The details of the episodes will be published on the release day of the update.

The update also going to makes some changes in the effects. Now you can see the “HIT” on the shooting effects and the UI also going to be more bright when you receive damages. When the game and the menus are loading now you will see “TIPS” from the system on the screen.

From today, April 6, 2017 you can buy the new DLC contents for the basic game. You can buy the “wet clothing costume set” and accessories for 600 – 600 Yen (with tax) or you can single items for 150 – 350 Yen (with tax).