So the new Senran Kagura game the Senran Kagura PEACH BEACH SPLASH release on March 16, 2017 on PlayStation 4 in Japan where you have to shoot each other with water guns using the original Senran Kagura characters from the previous games.

In the game you will find three different modes. The Single Player mode called Single Splash mode, the Paradise episode, V road challenge, multiplayer ‘rank match, free match mode and the cooperative survival mode.

The Single Splash mode is the story mode of the game. In here you can select the different college and academies and play with their own stories. In this mode after each chapter you have to face with huge boss enemies. The huge this time means huge characters and yes, girl characters and machines.

The Paradise episode includes little easier matches but it comes with comics and funny moments. Each comical episode featuring a specific character.
The V Road Challenge is a special one. In here we are aiming to win the championship by choosing a favorite girl and aiming for winning in School Cup, Honey Cup, Queen Cup and Venus Cup.

The online part of the game includes 3 different gameplay modes. In the rank match mode you can play against other players from Japan and you have to earn PP (Peach Points). You can earn more PP with more kills so better result means more PP.

The free match mode is what it is. The host set the rules, the stage, you only have to join and you can start to play with the other. 5 vs 5 free mode without serious PP loss and you can play against the CPU too.

The Team Battle is the co-op mode of the game where the members of the team have to working together to win the match. Rules, stages set by the teams.
The Cooperative survival mode is where you have to working together as one team and you have to defeat a different enemy the Yagura. Each time you kill a Yagura a next one will be summoned but you will earn rewards.

The new Senra Kagura PBS comes with changing room mode. In here you can see different expressions, poses, you can change the costumes and you can add new water gun mode! It’s possible to choose the color of water to wet or to make it transparent.
In here you can try the free hand mode what you can use to touch the girls….

Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information