Marvelous updated the official website of the Senran Kagura PEACH BEACH SPLASH and published the new set of the playable characters on the website. As you most of the girls from the previous games will be available in this new, shooter (Splatoon style) Senran Kagura game.

Now in here you can read the new weapon info with some pictures and stage information in a few words.
One of the best feature which comes from the classic fighting games is the “finish” move. Once a player cought the enemy, she can finish her with a special move and well, be surprised or not her swimsuit will be destroyed totally and the winner character going to earns “Finish Bonus” which going to adds extra speed or strenght for a limited time.

Players can choose from several water guns in the new PEACH BEACH SPLASH and each of them going to has their own special skills and abilities.
With the sniper rifle you can’t shoot as fast but you can aim directly and hit the enemy if maximum strenght like in other shooter games.

The next one is the single hand gun. Simple and normal speed. Best for close and mid-range attacks, sometimes the simple is the better. The twin hand gun is the same as the single hand but you can use two. Double shooting but not as good aim as with the single hand one.

Shower gun is like a shotgun. Powerful but forget the proper aim. Best for close attack against multiply enemies. Spray gun is like a water “flame thrower”. Once you pull the trigger the water going to flowns continuously.

Once you are out from the water and you can’t recharge you can use a rod like basic weapon to defend yourself or attack.
You can even add skill card to your characters to expand your skills. One character can use several skill cards, totally from 810 different illustrated cards. Like in a TCG game you can create your own deck to if you want fixed skill packs. You can use 10 cards in a deck.

Marvelous also released two pictures of three new stages from the game. There is a pirate harbor one, a modern waterpark one and loverly, rainbow stage with less light. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!