Marvelous released some new details about the waterguns from the upcoming Senran Kagura PEACH BEACH SPLASH which release on March 16, 2017 in Japan on PlayStation 4.
This time you can see the details of the different shooting types for selected weapons (like primary and secondary types of shooting)

Assault Rifle A
This wanter gun shoot in “Full auto shooting” and “3 Points Brust” modes. The full auto means the water comes out until you push the shoot button but the 2nd one means you can shoot 3 times only / shoot button but it is more powerful than the full auto mode.

This gun as we already wrote perfect for close combat shooting because it is very powerful in close range. You can use it with “Diffusion” and “Full Diffusion” bullets. And what is the different? The first one is very powerful but works only in close range. The 2nd one is not as powerful but work in mid range in wider area.

Grenade Launcher
This weapon shoots water grenades and affect the area so you can catch with it more than just one opponent. You can use it with “Bound bullets” and with “Instant explosive bullet”. The first once can bounce which means it can bounces back from the wall (perfect to shoot someone behind a wall) while the second one exploses as it hits something. The bound one is not as powerful as the 2nd one.

Rocket Launcher A
This is a perfect long distance weapon, great for support your team from behind.
You can use it with “High speed straight rockets” and with “Triple guided rockets”.
The first one includes one powerful shoot for one enemy / object while the 2nd one means you can shoot weaker but 3 different rockets on 3 different enemies.

Sniper Rifle
The next long range weapon which can do critical damages on the enemy.
You can use it with “manula” and “auto aim” function. Auto means weaker shoot but 90% success rate to hit the enemy. In manual the aim will be harder but with this…one shot, one kill.

Hand guns are weaker but they come with secondary options just like the weapons from above. Semi-auto, full birst modes which is the same as the Rifle A. The twin hand gun comes with “Power” mode and with “More Bullets” mode. The power means less water but more powerful, while the “More” means more with less power.

Spray Gun
Next to the shotgun it is a perfect close range weapon. You can use it with “Radial type” (short range but damages everyone in a row) and with “Installation type” (a fog like water fall which damages everyone under the fall) modes.

Gatling Gun A
Same as the twin hand gun. Power mode with less but more powerfull bullets. More bullets with less power.

Shower Gun A
It is like a flame thrower. Water comes out continuously. Depends on the pressure you can do serious damage (but you will use faster the water) or weaker (but you will use slower the water).

Another feature revealed the “Wet Power”. If you are coverd with water from the enemy for a short period of time you can activate the “Wet Power”. During this time you will be more powerful and you don’t lose any water from your tanks. It is like a “special power mode” which can turn back the game’s situation.

Of course you can buy several support cards and items in the store. Help yourself and the team using the special card abilities!