Marvelous updated the official website of the Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash game which release on March 16, 2017 in Japan on PlayStation 4.
As the gamers and all the media says it will be Marvelous’ own new “Splatoon” game and here you can find the new characters of the series.

Well they are not new ones totally but you can have new real playable characters from the Japan only smartphone game the NewWaveG.
According to the update you can play with Souji, Yuyaki and Leo.

Marvelous also published the new pre-order gift illustrations from the selected stores.
If you buy the game from from the following stores you will get the following gifts:

  1. Animate (B2 Poster)
  2. Animate (Military Green T-Shirt + Hot Pants)
  3. Ami Ami (B2 Poster)
  4. E-Capcom (Original: Mini Cushion, Limited Edition: Bath Towel – same design for both)
  5. Imagine (Large Wall Poster)
  6. Ebten (Mouse Pad + Life Size Poster)
  7. Geo (Swimsuit Costume in Pink Color)
  8. Gamers (B2 Poster)
  9. Joshin (Summer Dress costume code)
  10. Sofmap (B2 Poster)
  11. Trader (B2 Poster)
  12. Rakuten (Mouse Pad)
  13. Rakuten Books (Edy Card)
  14. HMV (B2 Poster + Character Card)
  15. HMV (Life Size Wall Poster)

More information coming soon! Stay tuned!