Marvelous started the 2nd summer sale of the Senran Kagura Estival Versus in Japan in the PSN. Until August 15, 2016 you can buy selected Senran Kagura Estival Versus DLCs cheaper but until September 5, 2016 you can buy the (next to other popular Marvelous games) up to 50% OFF. In the campaign you can buy the DLCs for the PS Vita and the PS4 version game but price cut available only for the Vita version Estival Versus game.

In the campaign you can get the Estival Versus, the Shinovi Versus and the Valkyrie Drive for 1800 Yen, 3980 Yen and 5000 Yen (with tax). If you want you can get all the three games with special DLC offers for 8100 Yen (with tax) instead of 16 584 Yen.