BBB released today the “School Star Dream” smartphone game which is a new school girls idol game. The game available in Japan for free on Android and iOS with Elementary, Middle School and High School characters.

During the pre-registration the game reached the 170 000 registered users so you can already claim your pre-registration gifts with your first login.
In the game you can choose from 5 different characters and there are several additional support ones but BBB planning to release more ones in the near future.

Like in the other Idol games except the Miku ones the goal is to raise your audition and be the best school idol using the support items what you can earn with the shows.
In the game you can even change the costumes of your character and you can enter into the show with the special ones.

If you like the idol music / manager games you should give a try for the School Star Dream. Check out the promotion video above and the pictures in the gallery.