D3 Publisher released today the new zombie school girl shooter game in Japan the School Girl/Zombie Hunter on PlayStation 4. In this title you have to clean up your local school with a group of girls and you have to find out what and why happened everything.

The new School Girl/Zombie Hunter costs 6980 Yen + tax and available in download and package version but only in Japan.
With the game, the first official DLCs also released and not just the pre-order gift ones.

You can buy the official Oneechanbara Z Kagura costume for 300 Yen (with tax). The Star Fruit & Melon costume set for the same price and you can buy the official PS4 avatars 180 Yen (all 10 avatars included) or you can buy them one by one for 50 Yen (2 avatars / 50 yen package).