On January 12, 2017 going to release in Japan the next school girls zombie game on PlayStation 4 from D3 Publisher the School Girl/Zombie Hunter.
In this game with a group of highschool girls you have to defeat a horde of zombies in their school, find out the behind story why all of this happening and of course, you have to survive.

D3 Publisher today released several new pictures and weapon with deadly attack information. As you can see next to the shooting weapons you will be able to use several one and two handed weapons such as bamboo sword, baseball bat or football ball kick like attack.

Each character going to has the different combat style so you can do these specia and spectacular combats with the certain character only. BUT there will be one attack what you can do with each character: drop down your clothes front on a MALE only zombie which going to stops for seconds and you can shoot it down with ease.

In the gallery you will find the pictures about these close combats! More information coming soon! Stay tuned!