D3 Publisher released the first promotion video of the upcoming zombie, school girl shooter game the School Girl Zombie Hunter! The new title release on January 12, 2017 in Japan on PlayStation 4 only.

D3 Publisher with the first promotion video also updated the official website of the game and published some details of each playable characters. If you visit the site you can find the details and you will see that each character has different weapon skills!

In the new School Girl Zombie Hunter you are controlling a group of girls in a school which is suddenly attacked by a horde of zombies. The goal is simple: survive and escape!

But next to the main quest (survive) you also have to find out who stays behind this zombie accident. A mysterious person always turns everyone into zombies and wants to turn Japan into a zombie island. A extra adult character going to joins to the girls Anna from ZPF from a mysterious group who already known the zombies and wants to help for the girls.

Like in many D3 Publisher games the girl’s costumes can be destroyed in the fighting against the zombie and you can clearly seen sometimes the underwear too. In the new School Girl Zombie Hunter you can change by the way costumes keep your self protected but at the moment the costume’s skills and feature details are not published.

Visit the official website for the character details and stay tuned for more information.