Kadokawa Games release on November 24, 2016 in Japan the new Nintendo 3DS RPG game maker software and game the RPG Maker Fes (RPG Tsukuru Fes).
This title allows you to create free to play, 8bit style RPG games what you can share with the other owners of the Maker Fes and even more, you can upload them to the eShop.

Kadokawa Games today announced that the game going to release with FREE DLCs on November 24. The basic title going to includes only fantasy / historical elements and character but looks like Kadokawa received several e-mail about some modern themes.

So on November 24, 2016 you can download the “modern time” package which includes items, elements, packs of a modern city, walking characters, school student faces and character graphics and new monsters like demons and horde of zombies.

Kadokawa Games going to makes theme similar like in the “RPG Maker DS +” and you can get some extra items for 200 Yen (with tax). This extra item package which going to includes map items and production samples. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!