Capcom on January 6, 2017 today released the new Rockman Mobile series!
You can buy one by one the first 6 original Rockman (Mega Man) games with the classic dot style to your smartphone for 360 Yen (with tax) / game.

They are the official port version of the popular Mega Man series which first released on 1987 on Nintendo in all regions but too sad, the Mobile series at the moment available only in Japan.
The new mobile version has a virtual gamepad on the screen and you can set your own button setting if you want. Everything optimized for the smartphone usage by Capcom.

Only in this mode going to appears around February / March the “Boss Rush Mode” where you can challange only the main boss of the game and you have to defeat it as fast as you can. You can find the download links of the games on the official website of the game!