On February 9, 2017 going to release in Japan on Nintendo 3DS the next Dragon Quest game the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. As you can see from the title the game going to be based on the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 with several new original features and some remakes from the original title.

The basic system of the game will be the same as in the DQMJ3 but new shortcut function will be added, the moving speed will be faster and the combat battle’s speed also going to be increased.

It should be noted that you can move the save data file from the original DQMJ3 to the new Professional so you can continue the game with the same, already collected monsters. Of course you can move the skills, the colors, everything but maximum 10 monsters / day (don’t know why is there this limitation).

The new Professional with the original and the new monsters totally going to includes 700 monsters and some new monsters will be ported from the Dragon Quest X (3DS / Wii U) and the Dragon Quest of the Stars (iOS / Android).

The center feature of the original game the ride feature going to improved even more in the new Professional. Now you can ride the monster on any fields without weak points (in the previous game you couldn’t ride some monsters on certain lands) but it will be interesting to go under the water with a flying monster. But of course you can still attack with the rided monster.

The Professional going to includes new fields and you can evolve the original, giant monsters if you want. Based on the posted information you can evolve even more the biggest monsters. Check out the new pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!