Key and VisualArts’ released today the next Rewrite game in Japan the Rewrite IgnisMemoria on iOS and Android. The title available as a basic free to play game based on the original Rewrite’s story and includes more than 50 original game stories!

Sadly the game available only in Japanese from the Google Play and the Apple AppStore and there is no sign for an English version release. The game is by the way a mixed Visual Novel x RPG game.

During the Visual Novel parts you can see everything in the original Rewrite design but in the battle and the “home” part of the game you can see everything in cute SD character design.
It should be noted that for a limited time when you login for the first time you will get 2500 gems what you can spend to roll out more rare characters and a 5 stars rare Kagari character card.

The official Twitter account also opened for the game and you can find more information on the official website! Enjoy it.