A special Resident Evil (BIOHAZARD) collectors product appeared on the e-Capcom store in Japan as a “Required” product. It means the release depends on the pre-ordered numbers so if only a few people order it, Capcom going to cancel the release.

The container case is by the way the perfect remake what you can see in several Resident Evil games and films. The planned release date is June 29, 2017 but it is a cheap product. The price is 79 900 Yen (with tax) which is about 720 USD / 670 EUR. It will be available only in Japan.

The size would be H410 x W842 x D446mm and you can close it to smaller size to put it away (H70 × 110mm).
If you want one, you can pre-order it from here: http://www.e-capcom.com/shop/g/gC00000724/