Invader Studios from Italy announced a new shooter action game the Daymare 1998 which will be available on PC but the release date is not clear. The game going to use the Unreal Engine 4 and as you can see from the pictures and the promotion video, well the game quite like a Resident Evil title.

The new Daymare 1998 going to plays during the 1990’s but the exactly story is not clear. According to Invader Studios the game always going to gives to you tasks what you have to clear and you always have to be prepared for a zombie / monster attack.

But why it is a Resident Evil like game? Invader Studios wanted to do a Resident Evil 2 remake the Reborn but Capcom cancelled the project and as an individual team (indie like) they always wanted to do it. The 1998 is the mark for the Resident Evil 2 release and the Daymare 1998 wants to be that remake. Check out the gallery with the pictures and watch the official trailer of the game! More information coming soon!