Capcom announced the release of the next free DLC for the Resident Evil 7. The game “Not a Hero” DLC will be available in 2017 Spring in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the main character will be Chris Redfield.

The DLC going to adds a brand new story line for the game, will be different from Ethan’s nightmare which is completed with this main part.

Capcom in Japan also announced a weapon model release from the game the Samurai Edge ALBERT.W.MODEL 01 air-gun. Since it will be an air-gun everyone can buy it and the price will be 32 800 Yen + tax. The manufacturer is the famous airsoft / air gun company the Tokyo Marui.

The gun will be available from mid-April in Japan with all the details from the game includes the carrier case. Until more information, please stay tuned.