Klabater and Pixelated Milk from Poland released their 2D, JRPG game the Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs on PC in all regions. You can get the game from the Steam for 22.99 USD / EUR with English, German and Polish language support but if you want you can buy it from the GOG.com


  1. Robust turn-based battles with varied objectives and lots of viable strategies
  2. 6 various regions to explore, each filled with battles, adventures, bosses and more!
  3. More than 20 unique characters to meet, recruit or befriend. Foster relationships and create the ultimate team of misfits!
  4. All you need to be a successful king: town management, diplomacy, expeditions
  5. A light-hearted story with tons of humour and a fair amount of epicness
  6. Over 30 hours of gameplay
  7. Huge replayability factor: you won’t discover all the content in just one playthrough
  8. Craft new, powerful weapons
  9. Beautiful graphics with hand-drawn 2D backgrounds
  10. Orchestral soundtrack composed by Game Audio Factory (Endless Legend, Endless Space, Furi)
  11. Professional English voice acting
  12. Samurai dwarves!