Recruitment started for the 2nd You are the Hero!! CBT in Japan. Pre-registrations also started


SNK started the recruitment of the players for the second closed beta test of the You are the Hero!! smartphone RPG game. This title will be available as a basic free to play game in Japan on iOS and Android in 2017 (release date is unknown).

According to the plans, the 2nd CBT will be held between July 5 and July 29 and only with the Android version of the game. You can register to be a CBT user on the official website! If you want you can also read the feedbacks of the first CBT in here:

SNK also started to accept the pre-registrations for the game from today. The pre-registered users going to gets 4500 diamons, enough for 15 gatcha tickets what you can use to roll out rare characters. The pre-registration link can be found on the official website.