Razer announced and already released in North America a new arcade stick for the PlayStation 4 users the Panthera. The new stick available in the RazerZone.com for 199.99 USD. If you visit the website from Europe you will be redirected to the EU website where this arcade stick isn’t available at the moment.

The Panthera is successor of the Razer’s Atrox stick which is compatible with PS3 and Xbox 360 and available in all regions. But the new Panthera has all the features from the DUALSHOCK controller such as the touch pad and the share button so you can control everything without the official controller of the PS4 in the game where the arcade stick is supported.

It should be noted that on December 2, 2016 today on the Capcom Cup FINALS 2016 at the Street Fighter V match the Panthera will be the official arcade stick for the players.