Ratalaika Games after the release of the Plantera for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (Free code giveaway Twitter campaign is running) working hard to continue and release new games and the Vita version of the Plantera.

So first of all the Plantera going to release on PlayStation Vita too. Ratalaika Games already published a picture about the main screen on the console. According to the company the game will be available in the next few months from the local PSNs in North America, Europe and Japan. But nothing more, so please stay tuned.

Good news for the BLASTING AGENT players. The BLASTING AGENT – ULTIMATE EDITION is on the way. The update package will be available for the 3DS and the Wii U version of the game in North America and Europe with the following contents:

  • Boss Rush mode with online leaderboards
  • A new unlockable character
  • New languages
  • Gameplay improvements and more!

Ratalaika working hard to release the package in this March but nothing fixed.
Oh yes, the game is on the way for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita too, but just like with the update package, the release date is unknown.

Back in October, released the brand-new action-platformer League of Evil on Steam. Unfortunately the Nintendo version has yet to be released but it is on the way. This action-packed retro-style game features an in-depth level editor with unlimited opportunities for developing your own missions, which can be shared online with the community.

You can play League of Evil on Steam now, and the Nintendo versions release a little bit later on in the year, with a PS4 & PS Vita release happening all at the same time (if possible).

Peasant Knight has also affected by the same delay as League of Evil. In the meantime, the company is adding more content to the game! This includes more levels, more music, and awesome boss fights!

Defend Your Crypt is the title, as you may know, is already available from Steam and the eShop for both Wii U & 3DS in North America and Europe. There are plans for an update, which will see 20 new stages added and various improvements but while they are working on it, due to some technical difficulties, the update has been delayed somewhat.

Twin Robots was Ratalaika’s first game what they launched on the Wii U, back in June of 2016. It is a 2-player co-op platformer by Thinice Games. Now they are planning to port their title to the PS4 & PS Vita sometime in the near future.

And what about the future? Two new Nintendo 3DS port games and you can already see the pictures in the gallery. Can you guess what they are?