SEGA going to brings the Puyo Puyo Chronicle to the Tokyo Game Show 2016. The company going to held a live stage event with the main character’s voice actors and you can also play with a playable DEMO at the SEGA stage.

This new classic but mixed with RPG elements Puyo game release on December 8, 2016 in Japan on Nintendo 3DS. If you visit the SEGA stage and you try the game you will get an original Puyo Puyo Chronicle sticker set.

By the way at the SEGA stage you can buy the following promotion products:

  • Puyo T-Shirt (S,M,L,XL) – 3000 Yen (with tax)
  • Puyo Coin Pouch – 1200 Yen (with tax)
  • Puyo stainless slim bottle – 2500 Yen (with tax)
  • Puyo screen cleaner pouch – 800 Yen (with tax)
  • SEGA Marshmallow Brown package – 800 Yen (with tax)
  • SEGA Masterpiece Can Badge Set – 200 Yen (with tax) / badge