SKH Apps announced the release date of the PlayStation 4 version Emily Wants to Play horror adventure game. This title is the official remake of the 2015 released PC version game and you can buy it from the PSN from August 9, 2016.

The designer of the game was Sean Hitchcock (Shawn Hickcock) and this game is his personal project when the hero character went to a pizza delivery in suspicious mansion in the middle of the night nearby. It was a trap and he can get out only in the morning if he can survive the night. Players can wait until the morning doing nothing or they can try to escape during the night.

It doesn’t matter which way do you choose, because you will meet with the key character, evil spirit, Emily. You can’t defeat her and if you meet with her you have to run for your life. Can you escape during the night or you have to wait until the morning? Check out the latest announcement trailer of the game above.