Acquires released the DEMO version of the AKIBA’S BEAT which going to release on December 15, 2016. At the moment the demo available only for the PlayStation 4 users despite the game will be available on PlayStation Vita also.

You can clear the early chapter of the story and you can move the save data file to the final version so you can continue the game where you finished in the demo version.
You can play with all the 7 hero characters from the lineup, you can try all the elements and you will get also a free PlayStation 4 theme as gift.

Acquire also announced the release of the iTunes version AKIBA’S BEAT Soundtrack Album.
The album going to includes 54 tracks from the game and the price with the release date will be announced soon. Until that, try the DEMO.

AKIBA’S BEAT DEMO URL:!/ja-jp/cid=JP0048-CUSA06946_00-TRIAL00000000SET