On June 7, 2016 appeared in North America on the Amazon.com, Best Buy and Game Stop the PlayStation 4, package version Paragon the Paragon Essential Edition for 59.99 USD. This title is a new MOBA game from Epic Games where 10 player can play together in a future world with robots, soldiers with special costumes. In a play like in the other MOBA games you can play in 5 vs 5 mode. The new Paragon using the Unreal Engine 4 so the graphics is beautiful.

While you can choose from 3 different types of PC version from the Paragon, the PlayStation 4 version available only in one package and as you can see for 60 USD but you will get extra items. Master challenge for 5 heroes, EXP boost kit, Skins and more in 160 USD value. The game will be free to play and first will be available only in North America.


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