Entergram announced the release of the PlayStation Vita version PriministAr ADV game which will be available from September 29, 2016 in Japan. The new title is the official port version of the 2013 released PC ADV game.

The new Vita version going to costs 5980 Yen + tax (package), 5480 Yen + tax (download) and 7980 Yen + tax (limited edition). The story going to be the same as in the original version with an extra route and scenario with remastered CG events! Of course you can control the game with touch screen if you want!

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and the melodies from the music room and the shouts from the athletic clubs filled the air. Each club has recruited their new members, and everybody was excited for the upcoming school year. In particular, the boys in the culture department were devising a (stupid) plot to make it mandatory for all girl members to wear school swimwear. Of course, all the girls were vehemently against the idea and chased all the guys out. The remaining boy was Haruchika, who was planning to join the tiny handicraft club. Thus begins his lively days in the handicraft club surrounded by girls.