HuneX announced the release of the PlayStation Vita version Orfleurs ~Kofuku no Hanataba~ which will be available from 2017 in Japan.
The original game released in 2015 in Japan on PC and the new Vita version going to includes all the original elements with new scenarios.

The game plays in Sandicht- a small village far away from the country’s capital, Anselm- lived the protagonist Claire Eithéa with her parents.

For a long time, the king, Anselia, had lead his country to prosperity under an absolute monarchical rule. However, the king had suddenly fallen ill and collapsed, throwing the country into chaos. As Anselia became gradually more and more disturbed, a sudden outbreak of thief gangs raiding one village to the next became an issue.

Even though it was peace at the moment, the residents of Sandicht knew that Sandicht would be no exception and lived everyday in fear of being next.

And then, the tragedy they so feared came to be…

One day, a group of thieves attacked Sandicht.

The thief that raided Claire’s house killed both of her parents. Claire was about to be taken away by the thief. She was ready for her life to end. However, a single knight saved her. His name was Adel Reed. The Reed family is a noble family famous all over the country. A house of excellent pedigree, they have managed the chivalric order for generations.

A commander even at his young age, Adel took Claire into the mansion he lives in to work as a maid, as she had no other relatives.

Surrounded by the four Reed brothers- all with very different personalities- Claire’s life as their personal maid begins.