On November 24, 2016 going to release in Japan the new Nippon Ichi dot style RPG game the Princess wa Kane no Mouja on PlayStation Vita.
The company today updated the official website of the game and released a free to play, online side scrolling game on it.

You only need to visit the website and load it in your browser where you have to clear a stage with the main Princess character and collect as much gold as you can just like in the upcoming Vita game.

The game will be available unti November 4, 2016 and you can upload to the rank list your result and if you are lucky you can win not for sale goods.
3 lucky people can win one of the follow goods:

100 Gold Tissue Box, dedicated B2 poster which is a not for sale version, fan with in-game money style. You can find the game in here: https://ssl.nippon1.co.jp/webgames/road_of_money/