On the Kickstarter project the Shadow of the Colossus like action RPG game the Prey for the Gods reached the minimum amount of money to mark the project as “success”. This title going to be developed by No Matter Studios and the game will be available on PC, MAC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

On the official PlayStation Blog page you can read an article about the game which is planned to release in 2017 December so yeah, the release date is 1,5 years away from now if everything going well. The reason of the long development time is that No Matter Studios includes only 3 members.

The development of the graphics which can be familiar from the 2005 released Shadow of the Colossus is the hardest part of the game according to No Matter Studios which makes even longer the development. Check out the latest promotion video of the game and try to not forget the game until December 2017.