today started to accept the pre-registration for the upcoming browser fantasy RPG game the SoraKana. The release date of the game at the moment is not clear but it will be available in 2016 Summer (mid-July) in Japan.

If you pre-register you will get Star Stones in 2500DMM Points worth in the first login when the game release. If the registered users number reached the specified milestones the gives number going to be raised 5 times everyday!

The new SoraKana going to plays in a fantasy world where humanity lives in a flying city and the main character is an alchemist girl. She is working hard to prepare for the attack of the enemy demons and monsters from the other world and you have to help to her with your own party.

The game going to use a simple RPG turn-based battle system with rich CG event contents. Each characters going to have different abilities and skills just like in another RPG game and the goal is to clear the missions, get items and upgrade your characters. Check out some character illustrations and pre-register if you are interested in the game!