On June 23, 2016 release the 20th Anniversary Harvest Moon Nintendo 3DS game in Japan the Bokujou Monogatari Mitsu no Ri no Taisetsu na Tomodachi. The game release in package and download versions for the same price: 4980 Yen + tax. If you are planning to buy the digital version just to be sure you always bring with yourself the game where you go with your 3DS, than you can pre-download the game from today!

You only need to do is to login to the Nintendo eShop (Japan) but the game just like any other Nintendo 3DS games and download the pre-download package. The left, core files will be downloaded on June 23 at 0:01 but this little package comes down in seconds / minutes (depends on your net connection). If you choose by the way the pre-download version you will get 10% OFF from the normal price so you will get the game until June 23, 2016 for 4838 Yen (with tax) instead of 5378 Yen (with tax).


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