Niantic yesterday on the official Facebook page of the game published a little overview of the latest Pokemon GO update. The new update going to erase the footprints from the game and the Battery Saver mode delete has several pro and cons in the comment section but the biggest news was that Niantic wants to release the game in Brazil soon.

According to the official post the company has limited access to 3rd party services but they wants to shut them down to improve the quality of the game. However, several people commented that the server problem and other issues started just before the 3rd party usage so nobody knows if the limitations going to affect to the right way the game or not.

The next biggest subject was the Battery Save mode remove from the iOS version of the game. Niantic going to rethink about it but it is not sure if the iOS users getting it back or not. You can read the full port on the official Facebook page. Stay tuned for more information (and updates).