Niantic and Nintendo published that the Pokémon GO now reached the 75 million downloads (worldwide and iOS + Android version together). The game not available in all countries. In some countries in Europe and in Asia (except Japan) and China (except Hong Kong) the game still not available as an official service. Moreover the game for the Chinese users not available even they install the game from other sources than the AppStore or an official Android app store.

The game in the USA reached the 50 million downloads only in 19 days after the release and the left 25 millions comes from the other countries.
Another interesting post also published on the Reddit. A user reached the level 40 (which is the currently reachable maximum level) for the first time in the world. According to the post the player but according to his post, he used a bot to reach this level so fast. Bot used by Niantic also to test the game but they removed it and we are not sure if this player still has his own account or not.