The Pokémon GO is the new hyper smartphone game which is now available in 30 countries. Gamers from Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada also can enjoy the real time Pokemon hunting with their smartphones (iOS, Android).
The service of the game still NOT available in Japan which is the biggest market of the Pokemon brand.

The reason is that Niantic and Nintendo building an independend server park for the Japanese version service which is not a bad idea since the game stopped on July 16 and 17 beacuse of a DDoS attack and the game still facing some service issues in the available countries because of the hacker attacks and the over loading. If you follow the news you know that several Pokémon GO players were rubbed and one player found a dead body during a Pokemon hunting in the USA.

But in the USA good things also happened with the game. In Michiga the developers visit the local child hospital the CS Mott Children’s Hospital where children could play with the game with their parents and friends inside the building. Nintendo and Niantic published a video about this special event what you can watch above.