Niantic released the latest update for the Pokemon GO in all regions which includes several changes in the game for the iOS and the Android users too.
The new update going to makes the biggest change with the iOS users because the battery save function is removed on that platform!

The next big change is in the send the pokemon to the Dr. Until now you had to scroll down on the pokemon’s profile page to send it but now the function has been moved to the sub menu. If you don’t want to let it go, just hit the star on the profile page and you just registered your pokemon.

The latest update going to includes the following changes:

  1. Re-editable trainer avatar in the profile page
  2. Re adjusted the damage of some tricks
  3. New gym animations
  4. Improved the memory problems
  5. Delete the after foot from the nearby Pokemon
  6. Fixed a bug in the encounter
  7. Update the details screen of the Pokemon
  8. Update the image of the medal
  9. Fixed a bug in the map display
  10. Fixed some text