In 2016 August the Pokemon GO lost more than 10 million active players and despite the frequently updates, several players stops everyday to play with the game which affects the revenue of the game of course.

But the Halloween event pushed back the game. The first big in-game event of the Pokemon GO held between October 26 and November 1, 2016 and during this short period of time, Niantic earned 23.3 million USD.
Just before the event the incoming was 10 million USD what we can’t mark with „only” but hey, during the Halloween event the game earned twice as more for Niantic (and Nintendo and the Pokemon Company) than in the previous week. This is like when you are playing with the best online roulette games to win real money. Put the right color or number (event) and grab the big money (twice as more).

Niantic did this without any extra special content or changes. You just only got bigger chance to find and catch Halloween like Pokemons like Meowth and Gastly next a Pidgey.
So this is a true sign that if the company gives what the players want they can keep the players group.
Of course Niantic wants to ride the „event hype wave” so the company already announced the next event which will be the „Thanksgiving Event” around November 24, 2016 (not fixed) before another big one the Christmas.

During the Thanksgiving Event according to Niantic you will get higher chance to find and catch Spearow, Slowbro, Golduck, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Ponyta, Rapidash and Fearow. The event will be available in all regions on iOS and Android also.

These new events going to helps so much for Niantic to get back some lost players but not those who crying a long time ago for the face to face battles or the rooted Android devices users.

Now let’s see some funny Pokemon GO costumes, pumpkin and goods from the 2016 Halloween events from the Twitter. We collected some of the best ones:

1.Ok this Pikachu x T-Rex x we don’t know looks little bit creepy but still nice job!

2.We don’t know if the user draw it by itself, but this drawing based on the Halloween loading screen of the game looks good! Another nice job!

3.This user carved this pumpkin by herself to Gastly style! We just simple want it. Now!

4.Another pumpkin but this time carved to Gengar! Bravo!

5.This „costume” what we would like to send to Niantic!

6.Another from the „pumpkin carving master race”

7.Who said you can only carve a pumpkin? You can paint it also

8.We just left the best one to the last. This guy deserve a special award for this costume not just from the Pokemon GO players but even from Niantic. This costume can do everything and even more! Sir! You just simple won the Best Pokemon Halloween Costume 2016 award!