Poisoft Half-Price campaign between April 26 and May 10 with selected 3DS games in Japan


Poisoft announced the Half-Price Spring Sale with 10 selected Nintendo 3DS games in Japan. Between April 26 and May 10, 2017 you can buy these games from the Japan Nintendo eShop with 50% OFF! If you have a Nintendo account you can buy the games directly from the Nintendo’s official website. Here is the list:

  • Hyu Stone
  • Takeyari Man
  • Yoru no Majin to Ikusa no Kuni: Samayoeru Vampire
  • Mansion Percussion
  • Order Land!
  • Sangoku Stories Ten
  • New Hyu Stone
  • Monokage Quest
  • Gakuyu Unmei Kyodotai ~Friends in the Same RPG~
  • NyaNyanto Mori