5pb and MAGES. released the official WEB trial version of the Plastic Memories PlayStation Vita game in Japan. This title going to release on October 13, 2016 in Japan on PlayStation Vita as a new adventure visual novel game based on the Plastic Memories TV Animation.

In the new WEB trial version you can try some features which will be available in the game even without a PlayStation Vita, on your PC.
These features the petting mode where using your mouse (later in the game the touch screen) you can pet the character. Depends on the situation, the stage and the chapter of the story you will receive different reactions.

The next one is the Dressed Mode where you can simple change the costume of the characters like from the original one to the Chinese dress which will be a pre-order gift for the package version owners.

You can try the web trial only from laptop / desktop computers. Smartphones / tablets are not supported and 5pb suggests you to try it with FireFox or Chrome browsers.

5pb and MAGES also published the details of the official Ending Song of the game. The song is called “Reunion ~Once Again~” and comes from Asami Imai. The single album release on October 26, 2016 in Japan and the price will be 1800 Yen + tax and the DVD version with the official video clip going to costs 2400 Yen + tax. Live Record version with CD + DVD will be sold for 7200 Yen + tax. More information coming soon.