D3 Publisher updated the official website of the upcoming Idol Death Game TV PS Vita game in Japan. This new survival horror idol game will be available in Japan from October 20, 2016.
With the new update, D3 Publisher released some new pictures and details of the game (system, features) and the No.1 ranked idol Hime Asahikawa.

She is the member of the Team Rising and she is from Hokkaido known as a perfect student and the diva, beauty of her school. After her debut she could reach the D-Rank No.1 position only in a few weeks. Everyone in the industry says, she is the perfect idol and can be the national No.1.

Survive the Stage, Find the Items
In the new Idol Death Game TV the goal is to survive every stage. You have to be the last survival and if you manage to do it you can enter into the next stage and maybe you can win the competition.

After each event you can grab items but in the mansion where you live with the other idols you can search for some support items. These items can help to survival and be that one person who survived the stage.

In each stage of course you have to dance and your show going to affect your points. Bad show? Bad news: You Lose!

Try your Luck
Each character has lucky abilities and you need your luck in this game. But you can expand your luck with your Dream Coins because you can buy additional luck items and products using them. After you grabbed the product the system going to use them when they needed.

D3 Publisher also released some pictures about the next update. You can find them in the gallery. Stay tuned for more information.