SEGA published today the details of the 2nd PSO2 The Animation character CD the Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Character Song CD Vol.2. As we already wrote it, you can get the CD with 8 tracks and gift code for the game for 2800 Yen + tax.

The CD’s box also includes a mini poster and with the gift code you can download and unlock the 306 “Vo Performance 3” (Lobby Action). Here you can find the tracklist, above you can watch and listen the sample songs video.

02.『Infinite potential』 橘 イツキ(CV.蒼井翔太)
マリカ(CV.高野麻里佳)& リコ(CV.小原莉子)&ユリカ(CV.高木友梨香)
04.『日溜まり~窓辺の小鳥~』 鈴来 アイカ(CV.M・A・O)
05.『君にZokkonくびったけ』 工藤 マサヤ(CV.佐藤拓也)
06.『清澄のレジスタンス』 泉澄 リナ(CV.諏訪彩花)
07.『終わりなき物語(Sunny ver.)』
橘 イツキ(CV.蒼井翔太)&泉澄 リナ(CV.諏訪彩花)&鈴来 アイカ(CV.M・A・O)

You can get the CD in a pre-sale event from June 10, 2017 but the “normal” selling starts on June 28, 2017.