It is September 15, 2016 already which means not just the Tokyo Game Show start but also the release of the Persona 5 (PS4/PS3).
ATLUS with the game also released some free items as DLC ans information about the 1.01 Patch!

First of all you can download for free the recovery item set with some limited items. This is totally free for everyone from the Japan PSN.

Next to it you can buy and download the new Persona 5 “HERO” avatar and theme set for 200 Yen (with tax) which includes 1 theme and 3 avatar sets. (The PS3 edition theme costs only 100 Yen).

For the same price and with the same amount of the contents you can buy and download 200 / 100 Yen per character the Ryuji Sakamoto, Morgana, Anne Takamaki theme & avatar package.

ATLUS also released the 1.01 patch already which going to fix some minor bugs. Please as soon as you got the game update it from the PSN! (The 1.01 patch required for the free item and the theme + avatar sets).