Bandai Namco published some new information of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS One Piece game the One Piece Dai Kaizoku Colosseum. This title will be a 2D fighting game (yes, 2D) which will be available first in Japan from September 21, 2016. In the game 23 playable characters will be available but together with the assistant characters 80 will be available.

In the game just like in any other fighting games everything going to happens and changing in real time. Using the assist characters you can do special combo attacks but you can even do some skill combinations.

One of the main feature of the game is the Jet Combo. For this you must meet some certain conditions and than you have to push in the right time for the right length the buttons on your 3DS. Don’t worry, the system going to shows the must have buttons on the up screen during the play time. If you are doing right you can do high-damage or even can kick out the enemy from the arena.

Gigant Combo when you max your deadly gauge of your character. Each character has a special combo in this mode when you are nearly unstoppable and you don’t have to do anything. Just hit the button when you are on max and enjoy the special effects.

Of course in the adventure mode you will see some story of the game but mostly you have to fight. The story going to be based on the original saga with some new scenarios and chapters but Bandai Namco going to publish later the story details. Until that please be patient.