announced the Closed Beta Test of the upcoming action RPG game the Obsidian Legacy. The operation going to starts in 2016 Summer / Autumn in Japan but you can join to the Closed Beta Test from August 4, 2016.

The CBT going to runs for 7 days and DMM looking for 5000 testers. The testers can sign-up on the official website of the game and DMM with POWERCHORD STUDIO going to choose the testers randomly.

The new Obsidian Legacy using Unreal Engine 4 and going to supports the 4K resolution so the beautiful graphics is a No Question part of the game. Despite all of this the basic game will be free to play to everyone in Japan.

The game going to starts in a little town what the local citizens can’t leave. Of course you want to explore the world and you start your own journey by yourself. In the game you can play alone but you can enjoy to a 4 members included (with you) party. The game going to has several different classes. In the CBT you can try the Assassin, the Swordman, the Elementralist and the Healer.

On the above you can watch the official trailer of the game and don’t forget to register to be a CBT user from the official website.