Now you can stream and play with the PC Steam games on your Samsung Smart TV


Samsung and Valve released together a special application release for the Samsung Smart TV owners. Using the new application you can stream the game from your PC / Laptop to your smart TV and you can play with the game on it using a gamepad.

According to the press release the Steam Link application which was previously available as a free beta version in the U.S. market, is now available in 55 countries, including the U.S., the U.K. and Korea. It supports full 4K streaming on 2017 TV models, and allows Samsung Smart TV users to enjoy thousands of PC games through their big-screen TVs.

We’ve received incredible feedback on our Steam Link feature and are excited to bring it to our consumers around the world,” said Heeman Lee, Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re thrilled that our Smart TVs are helping redefine the PC gaming experience by providing players the opportunity to utilize large-screen displays that deliver true-to-life picture quality.

Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV models are also highly optimized for gaming. The TVs boast extremely low input and display latency together with the superb image quality of quantum dot technology. Also highly durable, Samsung’s QLED TVs do not suffer from burn-in or image retention issues, even over a prolonged period of game playing.


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