On October 26, 2016 another fatal accident happened in Japan because of the Pokemon GO.
In the Aichi Prefecture, Ichinomiya a bus driver played with the Pokemon GO while he was driving the bus and hit an elementary school student. The student died at the place of the accident.

In Japan the game one of the most popular smartphone game and because of this people playing with it during their working times. Because of this, more and more company bans the game and now it is true for the bus and the taxi drivers.

The Japan Bus Association, Japan Trucking Association and the National Taxi Association this week announced that playing with the game or even just simple run it behind on the phone is totally forbidden!

Japan already working on to minimize the playing with the Pokemon GO for the drivers. On the street you can find signs with the Pokemon characters that warn to play with the game while you are driving not just against the driving rules but also dangerous.