Nippon Ichi announced the new title of the company which will be available from 2017 Spring in Japan. The new game is called “Tsuihou Senkyo” and it will be available from April 27, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Vita for 6980 Yen (package version), 5714 Yen (download version) on PlayStation 4 and 5980 Yen (package version) and 4761 Yen (download version) on PlayStation Vita.

This is that new game what we mentioned a couple of a weeks ago with the Nippon Ichi mysterious teaser websites. The game going to plays in an amusement park called “Alice Land” which exists in a devastated world. There is a monster which is wandering around and it is impossible to escape from there.

Twelve characters including the main character will be allowed to participate in the game called “Exile Election” and only two people can survive. But the survival is not the main subject of the game and the story. Actually, the hero’s sister, Misa Ichijo (Misa) is “banished” in the first election ban and the hero wants revenge on the other characters, using this death game.

The hero possesses a special ability called “synesthesia” and can recognize the lying which will be shown on the screen with red letters. Using these abilities the hero going to collects more and more information to setup his traps and kill the left ones. Every 3rd day there is the deadly Election “Tsuihou Senkyo” where the hero can banish the others.

By the way at the beginning there will be only 12 characters. But later more going to shown up includes a mysterious girl character and they will change several situations but Nippon Ichi going to release more information later. Until that, check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!